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Praedicatho homélies à temps et à contretemps
Homélies du dimanche, homilies, homilieën, homilias. "C'est par la folie de la prédication que Dieu a jugé bon de sauver ceux qui croient" 1 Co 1,21 LA PLUPART DES ILLUSTRATIONS DE CE BLOG SONT TIRÉES DE https://www.evangile-et-peinture.org/ AVEC LA PERMISSION DE L'AUTEUR 2 968 Articles 1 000 656 Visites 2 502 274 Pages vues

homilies in english

A sign of God - Homily 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time B

Walter Covens #homilies in English
For several Sundays we leave aside the gospel of Mark. The liturgy drops us suddenly in the gospel of John. But in last Sunday's homily I gave you a hint, saying that John gives us the contents of the teaching of which Mark only says it was "long". At...

What's on the menu? - Homily for the 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time B

Walter Covens #homilies in English
Faithful to our "fresh pineapple" principle, let us remember that we are in the "section of the breads". It will not escape to us either that between last Sunday's Gospel and today's, a passage has been skipped. Between the two, S. Marc reports the death...

The gospel: fresh or out of preserves ? - Homily 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year B

Walter Covens #homilies in English
We enter a new section of the gospel of Marc1. Of this new section the liturgy will make us hear several passages (but not all !) between the 15th and the 24th Sunday of Ordinary Time. Too often we are satisfied to read the Gospel by small pieces. The...


Walter Covens #homilies in English
Dear children, Jesus is born (...) Christmas is the feast day of a Child, of a Newborn Baby. So it is your feast day too! (...) I can almost see you: you are setting up the Crib at home, in the parish, in every corner of the world, recreating the surroundings...

Vatican Diary / Cardinal Bertone has another gear

dominicanus #homilies in English
In order to obtain "special faculties" in dispensation from canonical norms, the heads of the curia can no longer go directly to Benedict XVI. They must go through the secretary of state. Who will explain the procedure himself VATICAN CITY, December 12,...

Theologians, Apologists. What the New Bishops Have To Be

dominicanus #homilies in English
Over the past five months, twelve appointments have corresponded to this model. Here they are one by one: in Milan, Philadelphia, Manila, Fribourg... The cardinal who selects the candidates explains the reasons for the choice ROME, December 1, 2011 –...

The "Hope" Principle of Benedict the African

dominicanus #homilies in English
The pope's offering to the poorest continent of the world: not silver or gold, but "the word of Christ which heals, sets free and reconciles." The reasons for the wager, in the key discourse of his voyage to Benin ROME, November 21, 2011 – As expected,...

Too Much Confusion. Bertone Puts the Curia Under Lock and Key

dominicanus #homilies in English
The document of "Iustitia et Pax" on the global financial crisis is blasted with criticism. The secretary of state disowns it. "L'Osservatore Romano" tears it to shreds. From now on, any new Vatican text will have to be authorized in advance by the cardinal...

There's a New Star in the Russian Sky. His Name Is Aleksandr

dominicanus #homilies in English
He led the delegation from the ;patriarchate of Moscow in Assisi. Together with Metropolitan Hilarion, he is an emerging leader of the new generation. In great harmony with the Church of Pope Benedict ROME, November 7, 2011 - Among the religious leaders...

Pope Benedict: Three days that changed the world

dominicanus #homilies in English
On Thursday Pope Benedict XVI reflected on the three days that change the world – and our relationship with death – forever, as he presided over a solemn liturgy at the Altar of the Cathedra in St Peter’s basilica in suffrage of the Cardinals and Bishops...

Africa. The Religion That Immolates Children

dominicanus #homilies in English
In Assisi in general terms, and to the bishops of Angola with a direct denunciation, Benedict XVI has criticized the traditional African religions. Which go so far as to kill the elderly and children in a modern witch hunt ROME, November 3, 2011 – The...

Council Under Construction. But Some Are Folding Their Arms

dominicanus #homilies in English
Cardinal Cottier, the jurist Ceccanti, the theologian Cantoni are defending the innovations of Vatican II. But the Lefebvrists are not giving in, and the traditionalists are stepping up their criticisms. The latest developments in a fiery dispute ROME,...

Vatican Diary / The bishop factory no longer speaks the language of Dante

dominicanus #homilies in English
The officials of this extremely important curia congregation were all Italian with John Paul II. With the current pope, they are all foreigners. Name by name, here's how they have changed VATICAN CITY, October 12, 2011 – With Benedict XVI, is the Roman...

Vatican Diary / Not All Bishops Are of Good Will

dominicanus #homilies in English
The Italians are at the front of the line in disobeying Rome, with regard to the translation of the words of consecration. The Germans and Austrians are bringing up the rear. And even in the translations of the Our Father and of the Gloria, there is disagreement...

"Wir sind Kirche" - "We Are Church," Signed Ratzinger

dominicanus #homilies in English
For the first time since he became pope, Benedict XVI has cited and criticized in public the movement of ecclesial opposition most widespread and active in German-speaking countries. He did so in an off-the-cuff speech to seminarians in Freiburg. Here...

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